What is Afro Hollywood?

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This letter was published by The Guardian:

What is Afro Hollywood?
SIR: I read with much disgust the content of the report on your page 3 in the issue of October 25, 2003, concerning the special film award slated for London as reported by Tunde Oyedoyin.

My grouse centres around the name given to that event. What in God's name is Afrohollywood? This caption is a clear manifestation of lack of creativity on the part of Mr Abiola who is co-ordinating this event.

One can argue correctly that even if the Indians chose to name their movie industry Bollywood, it is obviously not something to be proud of.

It is most appalling that in modern times Africa, flowing with a renaissance or reawakening in cultural osmosis, should be caught in this culture clash.

There are numerous African names, totems, folklores, historic sites, past art masters that such an event could have been named after instead of the present mockery. Afrohollywood indeed!

I would also love to point out that such an event with a West African spread would be better staged in the region if the organisers are to be taken serious just like the Cannes film festival.

It should be emphasised that Africa is richly blessed as a rewarding travel destination abound with, picturesque scenery, lush Savannah, mangrove swamps, games reserves, rhythmic and well-choreographed dance steps and so much culinary prowess.

It behoves on organisers like Abiola to be original in choice of names for such events because it tells a lot about what is to be expected. I respect the South Africans in this regard, the feeling is that you have to be proud to be from Mandelaland.

The event of this magnitude will definitely attract not only numerous tourists who will plan their holiday to coincide with the time of the festival but also people in the movie world who are always in search of raw and untainted talent.

That Nigeria's movie industry is on the right track is commendable; to take our best artistes to an Afrohollywood award is wrong.

Emeka Anele,
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Why give it a name anyway.It is not compulsory to give the industry a name.And for the event,there are a number of titles that can be attached to it.
I think the name "afrohollywood" was used as a kind of hype name.Attaching to the name of hollywood will bring the necessary international attraction and attention,so the organisers probably think.


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well i will be contactin dis emeka anele of a writer, but first i wanna point somethin here.
mr mike abiola is d organiser of afro hollywood, i know he has his reason for using the that name, he can explain to people why he used it- but people dnt ask.
as mr abiola been an uncle of mine, i would say he has tried a lot for d celebs who he sends from nigeria. n yes he takes d best naija artistes from nigeria.
so emeka or woteva u call urself, saying 'taking d best naija artistes to an afro hollywood award is wrong', u r dead wrong bout dat. u think d award is for useless people like urself, well right now, u r d only useless person i can think of.
also sayin d award is nt creative enough, well y dnt u try n do something of ur own n let d people see wot u can do.
people dnt know wot mr abiola does for dis stars, well first of all, he pays for dr ticket fee from nigeria 2 d uk- n there where more than 5 naija artistes present on dat day, i was present dr
he afford dr accommodation n book for interviews on tv n radio station. coz know artiste will wanna come from naija to d uk 4 just an interview.
mr abiola affords about eveything for dis celebs. two days be4 d event, he was in nigeria, still organising.
though he could nt make it to organise d stage n lighting, i my cousin n mr abiola's brother did all that on d day of the event.
but still we made it.
mr mike abiola is a hard working, honest man and he deserves a lot of respect for what he is doin for the people here in the uk and in nigeria.


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Good to read you speaking highly of the man. People don't understand what others go through to put these events together.


Originally posted by Sola
Good to read you speaking highly of the man. People don't understand what others go through to put these events together.
Isnt that what life is all about? Lack of Understanding???
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