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What kind of guys/gurls do you attract?

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i hope u aint a dog oga Vince, i am lookin forward to that faithful day we will meet
I do not know what or who i am!Am i a dog?Or a cat?Or a wolf in sheep's clothing?
You will tell me when we meet,afrosis. :)


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vince said:
The ones who want to settle down!It does not matter what age category,na the same thing.
I want a homegirl that will use me and then dump me,but na lie!Na the nice homely ones dey always come my way.
AH AH,u too much oh OGA


Pete said:
You can always close your eyes, tata. :)
lol.. i thank God for my life.. i was jus waitin for THAT! :cool-smil
..and the funny thing bout it, i knew it wuld come from TOI!
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