What was it about Nnena?

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My dear, I didn't see what I wanted to see. I saw what was presented to me and I frankly think she is bland. Do I have to wait to see her in flesh to be convinced that she does have more going on than the beautiful skin and gorgeous smile? I think not.

By the way, why you no wan yarn with me? You suppose no put my name if you no wan yarn with me o.
I never said I do not want yarn with you! I said I no wan yarn for you! These are two pairs of shoes. Anyways, this one na old issue, but I understand where you coming from so I guess it's aight
for someone that joined NR in March 2006, sure do have lots of grapevine gists!


All the curses you posted on thie thread to me: RETURN TO SENDER A HUNDREDFOLD!! Being why I have been ignoring you, but still have to return your package(curses and abuses) back at ya!

A clear conscience fears no accusation!

I have been accused of being other IDs, by the very person that owned it! A typical case of Aaliyah. She accused me of being her. And I ignored her!

If U are not a second ID, then why U dey tear shirt dey rant and curse like a market woman all over this thread?

Abeg, let's talk about Nnenna...... O jare ni

Chei!sweat: The little barks of an online puppy! Hmmmmmm you woke up one morning & accused me of being a double ID??? What did you expect, a round of applause from me....:roll You deserved whatever insolence you received from me, so abeg chill with the whimpering!



So what gave you the audacity to refer to me like you knew me before!!! Abeg carry ya 5 ids dey go!!!

You now want to talk about Nnena after you've disgraced your sorry, old self!

Local Mama G! :roll
Buahahhahahaha!!! I miss those days mehn!Lord, I loved messing with Mama G's old brain cells!!!

Shege!!! Local Mama G: a 49 year old woman with an IQ of a mouse!!!:roll
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