Whiplash Movie.


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I saw the movie Whiplash today. It has to be hands down one of the best five movies this year. And @J.K Simmons ruled the screen like only a maestro could.

A music student (Miles Teller) plagued by his father's failure at being a novelist hungers deeply to be one of the world's great. And then he meets his teacher (from hell) played by Simmons, who although notices something in him, believes the only way to achieve greatness is to survive adversity. And so he becomes this drill surgeon who would pushes Teller's character to extreme lengths. Will he survive or will he triumph?

I know 'amazing' is as cliche as cliche gets but this movie right here is amazing. It has one of the best performances in any movie this year. Plus I don't see any reason why it shouldn't win Best Editing. The editing was flawless and felt like jazz music in itself. The movie does a fine job of showing the polarizing relations between teacher who would go to any extent using un-orthodox means to achieve excellence and a student who has to decide how far he can really go under this maniac's tutelage.

Go see WHIPLASH please, if you are a fan of music, art, great acting and compelling story-telling.

I'll be looking out for more of Damien Chazelle's (the director) works from now on.