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Hey guys, I saw this on another board a while back and I thought we could do something similar. I hope it hasn't been done recently... Okay here goes...

Marital Status:
Favorite Colour:
Favourite food:
Favorite clothes shop:
Favorite shoe shop:
Favorite Naija movie:
Favorite non-Naija movie:
Favorite past-time/leisure activity/interest:
Main Talent:
Who Motivates you:
What Motivates you:
First thought when you get up in the morning:
Motto/Adage (for life):
Best thing about you:
Worst thing about you:
Something you'd like us to know:

Okay feel free to add more relevant questions. Will be back soon.


Jagua said:
una neva write up to twenty postings, na im una wan command di dem pipul of honourable modirator, administration and weboga how dem soposed to creation dia forum. na wha for you! abi na una papa get dis forum? bgrin:

What are u talking about! She aint commanding no one and u can still leave that to others if they wanna answer this thread or not!


Crystalgirl said:
Hey guys, I saw this on another board a while back and I thought we could do something similar. I hope it hasn't been done recently... Okay here goes...
There is a simmilar thread already existing :)


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Name: Goldmercy
Nickname:golddigger aka goldmercy
Occupation:Full Time student
Marital Status: committed
Favorite Colour: Black and white
Favourite food: Rice and Vegetable
Favorite clothes shop: Forever 21...just wanna stay young i guess
Favorite shoe shop: No particular one
Favorite Naija movie: All My Life
Favorite non-Naija movie:The last of the Mohicans....History
Favorite past-time/leisure activity/interest:Singing n dancing.....love studyin too
Main Talent:Singing
Who Motivates you:God, Ma parent and Boyfriend
What Motivates you:Seeing people tryin to move up in life
First thought when you get up in the morning:Thank God for life and the beauty he put in me
Motto/Adage (for life):Be the best u can be
Best thing about you:Loving and caring, a good listener
Worst thing about you:Love picking on people
Something you'd like us to know:Come close to me...then u will know who i am, future achievement is to be a lawyer...


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Name: **Top Secret**
Nickname: Okestra007
Age: Veintecinco
Nationality: Nigerian to the core
Occupation: Student/Restaurant Manager
Marital Status: Single+Married
Favorite Colour: Azul
Favourite food: Iyan+Egusi (Pounded yam+Melon Soup)
Favorite clothes shop: Ebay
Favorite shoe shop: Ebay
Favorite Naija movie: 150 Million
Favorite non-Naija movie: Titanic
Favorite past-time/leisure activity/interest: Movies
Main Talent: Am Full of Surprises
Who Motivates you: Mi Padre
What Motivates you: Millionare Lifestyle
First thought when you get up in the morning: Be the best
Motto/Adage (for life): "The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing"
Best thing about you: Am Selfless
Worst thing about you: To many, can’t just mention one.
Something you'd like us to know: Okestra007 is different now.


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Jagua said:
una neva write up to twenty postings, na im una wan command di dem pipul of honourable modirator, administration and weboga how dem soposed to creation dia forum. na wha for you! abi na una papa get dis forum? bgrin:
Jagua... jealousy, jealousy why you jealous me? My broda no be my fault say u no dey innovative and your maximum contribution na "siddon look"... abeg carry go b4 i con punch u! :sport-smi shio!

Omo oba, God bless you flenty flenty jo!

Pete: Me- Sis JJC, Ah and just few days ago, I was loving u... :( Oh well I guess you gain some and loose some... Fo' real though can you merge the threads? I haven't got the energy to look for the other one.

LOLOLOLOL @ Gold digger.

Okestra, surprise me. ;)


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Yes, I'll merge the threads when I find the similar one. I meant no disrespect by calling u JJC, will u please loff me again? Lol!


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Name: Her Royal Highness
Nickname: Miss Supafly, Crystalgirl, only wahala
Age: 19-24
Occupation: Scientist/Student
Marital Status: Unsure..
Favorite Colour: Blue
Favourite food: Iyan and the great ogbono, Macaroni cheese, Monika fish!
Favorite clothes shop: Topshop, Zara, H+M, random boutiques.
Favorite shoe shop: Anywhere will do.
Favorite Naija movie: Keeping faith/Abuja Connection
Favorite non-Naija movie: Love and Basketball... tells you the kinda girl I is.
Favorite past-time/leisure activity/interest: Judo/Kickboxing/travelling/reading/Badminton/making joyful noises :confused:
Main Talent: Good listener/Agony aunt/making my girls laugh
Who Motivates you: Jesus/The parents
What Motivates you: Money
First thought when you get up in the morning: Thank you Jesus/Is it morning already dang!
Motto/Adage (for life): I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Best thing about you: I love people...
Worst thing about you: I like to cause wahala/give people a hard time.
Something you'd like us to know: Nothing I haven't already told! grinning:

Pete, I loff you again 2 mo' strikes and baby you out ;)


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Name: Michael Babatunde Adewumi
Nickname: Hubscrown/Miketunde
Age: 26
Nationality: Nigerian American
Occupation: Entrepreneur/Medical Biller^
Marital Status: Single/Not looking*
Favorite Colour: Green
Favourite food: Nice made moinmoin with good jollof rice that suit.
Favorite clothes shop: Express/GAP
Favorite shoe shop: Depends on who got what I want (Sales**)
Favorite Naija movie: Ale Ariwo
Favorite non-Naija movie: Lord Of The Rings/KILL BILL Vol 1.
Favorite past-time/leisure activity/interest: College hangouts with Naija friends and High School Senior years.
Main Talent: Writting and Organizing
Who Motivates you: Will Smith, Mason Betha, Alexander the great
What Motivates you: Brilliance
First thought when you get up in the morning: OMGnes I G2G again! (You know what) Then, remote to listen to music get me off the bed "Clocks" - Coldplay or Yanni.
Motto/Adage (for life): Focus and Determination
Best thing about you: Being Cordial and taking people into consideration.
Worst thing about you: My prerogative
Something you'd like us to know: Everything you want to know, just dont think of what I wont have an answer for.


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Jagua said:
innofation indeed! whish kain innovation sef? me i no get time for yeye innovation. di kain kwesdchion wey una come add say make di forumites answa, nobe "copy and paste" una steal am from "anoda board"? anidi now, you wan dump additional work for de honorable modirator, say make im "merge" de tread. na real wha for una. de kain problem wey una get, baibul call am "VANITY". na im dey worry una. faforite shoe, faforit clot inideed! una be real miss jjc, de way oga modiration come yab you. bgrin:

JAGUA...You have been noticed... hopefully u have also earned some brownie points.

I won't rise to your bait "darling".

Be blessed!


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Jagua said:
...meanwhile, misita adewumi,
dat una website (hubscrown.com) na disgrace. e be like say semi-illiterature come write for inside, abi no be so? grammatikal, syntax anidi style error beaucoup for yonder. you tink say betta company, afta seeing dat una embarasing site, go give una contract? olboy, make you run correct am, sho dat contract go dey come.
Who are you jagua? Who employed you an editor? You're crossing your boundary as a member of this forum. I suggest you mind your own business. Contribute to discussions thrown up in this forum and keep out of other pple's business.

If you are craving for attention, you may open a thread to that end. Your ranting is crossing its bounds.

Read your signature again and comport yourself by it.

BTW (By The Way): This forum is not an English class.

wetin consign anibody?


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Jagua let me see your site so I can have something to follow. If not, you might need to fill an application for me so you can do the right work on mine. And if you cant oblige to either of the two question asked, I will say a dignify thing for you to do is to let each handle his own.

Word of Advice if you can take it (I know you do give many), I wrote some stuff in my signature you might need.


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I don't think Jagua is an entreprenuer. He might be dreaming of becoming one someday. It's much easier for those who lack entrepreneur spirit and business acumen to criticize and rant on other pple's ventures, and doing it without any decorum

Hub, your efforts are applauded. Don't lend credence to Jagua's comment. I doubt he could form an idea let alone transcribe it into texts.

Jagua, you have all the time in the world to prove me wrong. You are more of an employee and not an employer. Small minded people create problems but big minded people solve it.


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Lets try and be literate, I dont speak whatever you wrote down there, I need English.

Jagua said:
misita adewumi,
anibody wey im eye done clear anidi im mind dey opun, afta looking at dis una hubcraun site go know say una site get as e be and be as e get! oya, wey di application-form wey you tork say make i fill? make i fill am, anidi no forget to include youa host name and password. i go carry my dreamweaver mx correction una mistakes sho dat at de end una go know say there's difference bitween june and july! olboy maikul, why you not wan undastood? you no dey shame to carry yama-yama site put for intanet? oyinbo pipul go point finga, say: "see black african wey no sabi engilish." true true, to admit mistake na only women and men of great caliba and discipline fit do dat one.

eheen, ojare, misita olatinwo, wetin you tork say i do? allow me make i do my own as i dey allow you make una do youa own. abi na you bring me come intanet?
meanwhile, dem no dey call am "entreprenuer". Na "entrepreneur" dem dey call am. wit all youa phd anidi unfasity taitul, why you no sabi dat one?
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