Why I dumped my wife for Ini Edo - Phillip Ehiagwina

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whats wrong with being a car dealer? sconf:
:roll....make dem enter ring abeg settle dis once and for all...! Wetin Ini dey find for this divorced american based car dealer? ...na used honda abi mercedes benz? i wish dem the best sha something tells me we never hear the end sha!

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this man is an idiot... all the years you dated her in nigeria you never saw the other side. of her ....then after you guys married ,you heard so many things..... but waited till you were able to move to the USA got your green card before realizing she was a cheat and a night striper..... this man is an idiot.

I hear you very well .....you're from a comfortable home... my foot ..... 'O' ... you for ask am , before meeting Ruth has he ever traveled out or been to the US ...... ... this man is an idiot.........

which responsible man will come out and be blabbing to the press in order to prove a point....... this man is a fool.

.....what on earth is she doing with a divorcee ...of all the eligible men na dis kin man she wan marry ......

The foundation of her marriage is questionable ....... whatever any man sows he will reap.........

Ruth abeg wipe your tears and thank God for delivering you from such a man . The same God that delivered you from your sickness will see you through ...... this nonentity is not worth fighting for
Chi, I feel ya sha. There are a lot of holes the guy's story. But I hope he's sincere because as they say, karma is a biatch (I don't really believe in karma but I believe in reaping what you sow). Personally, I find some of his claims to be far fetched.

All in all, I have learnt not to pass judgment in anyone's relationship since I don't live with them. I don't believe in divorce but sometimes it's better to divorce than live in a hellish marriage. The bottom line is, only God knows who is sincere.

Ofofogal, thanks for posting this....very informative.

O pari
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