Why I dumped my wife for Ini Edo - Phillip Ehiagwina

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Ruth and her ex husband are the biggest IDIOTS ever created on earth. Bloody Fools. So now they have aired their dirty laundry for everyone to see...now what?

And INI is a bigger IDIOT for meddling with this man.

See ehn...as much as this guy claims he is innocent, there is an ounce of truth to every rumour ad thats all i have to say.

Ini likes attention and trust her to throw her self in the middle of these two so that we can call her a winner.

What a bad fart!


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Is it not the same ruth that exposes her body in Facebook? why won't her husband leave her wen she doesn't even knw how to behave like a married woman....


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And that's why I mentioned earlier that perharps there was something else Ini needed from the marriage...you know like not needing to wait on the long queue trying to get American visa at the embassy:spiny:
lol American visa part 2

The whole story looks like a movie to me....I so feel sorry for Ini edo


um...she probably loves this man to death, y'know?

abeg lets remove eye from their marriage and wish them well and happiness.
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