Wife wants me to go down there with my tongue

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We have had this discussion, or something like it, here on NR before....

I said it many times on this site.... There are few things better than a woman's warm thighs against your cheeks, while you are downtown.


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i saw this question on a group on FB, and when i read the comments i didn't know whether to laugh or shake my head.
the abuse the man's wife received from that group was astonishing. they cursed her well well.
half of them were sending her to hell, some were saying no igbo man will ever do that, (this was a group made up mainly of igbos) he might as well go and wash her underwear.
some were quoting scriptures and saying that it is a sin. some were saying it is "aru" (abomination)

what a husband and wife do behind closed doors is none of my business. but i will say that out of a about 30 women surveyed (informal survey) only about 4 or so of them achieve orgasm by actual intercourse. so obviously there's another way for them to reach the mountain top.
Lol @ abomination. Never mind the bush men. On the other hand, I say let them do whatever takes them to the peak of Kilimanjaro, but they shouldn't use the "No Igbo man" term when making reference to some ''extra ordinary'' sexual escapades.
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