Wind Of Tears

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Starring: Kenneth Okonkwo, Mercy Johnson, Johannes Maier



Charles played by Kenneth Okonkwo is a football coach leading his team into a big tournament. He has cancer, a fact that he has hid from his family. He has recently found out that his kidney is free from cancer leaving him able to donate it to his brother Franklin who is in dire need of it. His wife Chidi played by Mercy Johnson is vehemently against his choice fearing that he may lose his life in the process.

I am a little very disappointed with Ikenna Emma Aniekwe. I like him a lot so I would somehow like to believe that this BIG MESS of a movie was not his fault. Research is vital and when taking on this cancer storyline it would appear that little to no research was done. I’m not a cancer expert but I sure as hell know that chemotherapy does NOT boost immunity. Hearing this stupidness at the very beginning of the movie just made me feel like the whole thing was gonna be sloppy on the final details and I WAS RIGHT. It was not gripping and although the acting was generally good I found the movie slow and boring. I cannot even imagine watching 4 or 6 parts or however many there are! (I saw previews for Heart of a Saint, More than Sacrifice which seemed to be prequels or sequels or name changes) I’d recommend it if you need something to put you to sleep. Scratch that. This is a bin it movie for sure. A total waste of time.
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