Women Should Quit Abusive Relationships

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What do you tell people who have fallen victim already?

Just walk out of the relationship. The reason I’m asking the person to walk out is not to destroy the marriage. It’s because I don’t want people to die. They can say: ‘He has not hit me up to that level.’ But he has hit you until your head got battered, until it was stitched. What kind of argument did you have to make someone hit you to a point where they will stitch your head? The next time you might receive a knock and you probably won’t come out of it alive. The children you are waiting for, are they better off with a mother who is alive but not at home or the one that is dead?

We have had cases of acid baths and even voodoo reported. Are these also domestic violence?

That is at the height of it, particularly acid bath. The person that pours acid or hot water on you, or throws you down from the staircase, must have shown signs of what he can do while you were courting.

What should people who walk out of faulty relationships, yet are being stalked, do?

Make a report to the appropriate authority. The signs are clear because stalkers don’t just begin to do odd things. Excessive jealousy–they want to have you all to themselves even before marriage.

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Women Should Quit Abusive Relationships???????

No kidding. But the stupid ones would never quit. That's whats bringing down that curve for everybody else. That just pisses me off.
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