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Wrestle in heaven

Discussion in 'GAMES, JOKES, STUFF' started by mcallstar, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. mcallstar

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    Jan 19, 2004
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    Two aged village wrestlers namely Ugbonna and Emeka are sitting by the river bank overlooking the sky. Emeka asks, "Do you think there's still wrestling in heaven?" "I don't know" asnwers Ugbonna. "ok for us to know, if I die first I will come back to tell you if there is or not and if you die first you do thesame" suggested Emeka. They both agreed in this.
    Eventually, Ugbonna died and was buried. Three months later Emeka was sitting by thesame river bank overlooking the sky when he heard a voice calling on him. It is Ugbonna his late friend. "Ugbonna my good friend" he calls, "have you got good news?" he asks. Ugbonna asnwered and said "I've got both."
    "Ok tell me the good first" Emeka demanded. Ugbonna continued. "truly there's wrestling in heaven, but the bad news is you have a fight with Ikenga by friday.
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