Yemi sholade's family problems

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cross-over actor Yemi sholade is one of the few actors that hardly talk about their personal lives. But when he decide to talk to a punch newspaper reporter, all he talked about was his troubled family.

In his words "the only regret i have is to come from the kind of family i come from. With no apology to them, my family knows nothing about love so i grew up on my own. up till now we dont inter relate. I dont see them they dont see me and when they do it is on air. im saying this for the first time and im not ashamed to say it. i wish God had not put me in this kind of family, i used to pray to God to make me grow up quick so i can go my own way.

we all have family problems but this star is having it real bad.


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Damn!There must've been some real issues between him and his family to have come out in the open like that!Wow!


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Anyone knows how to get in contact with him? I wont mind doing some intervention for him so things could be in shape. I had some sort of experience like that over a year ago. When my typical Naija father doesnt know how to check on his child. The only commnunication between us was through my siblings. Anyway, I mentioned the issue to a friend of mine who planned to see pop and ask him whats up? To my suprise, the next day I got an email from guess who? Father! telling me how occupied he has been and all (meanwhile my friend hasnt contact him).
If anyone knows how to contact Mr. Yemi, give him my email: I will do what I can to bridge the communication gap for his family.
God is there to see them through ;)


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I read the interview and I felt bad. My exact thoughts were that for him to have said all that openly, the family issues must have been grave indeed. He used even heavier language in that interview than we get from Hazo here. I wish he could reconcile with them. But when he says family, does this include his own parents, or the larger Niaja extended family thing??? If it included the former, then that is too pathetic!!! It's terrible, to put it mildly......

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That is one good thing about coming from Nigeria You dont need a shrink to solve this kind of problems Whatever it is. There some gifted pple that will talk to you for free and cool your storming life. It is a good thing he voice it out, then he will get help and sort it out May the God of peace be with him.
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