Yoruba Movies That Need A Sequel

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Ok,peeps!We all complain about naija movies(including yoruba ones) being overstretched into many parts,in fact the majority of movies now released are multi-parted these days.But there are still those ones that finish in one part and we are mostly grateful for them!
But there are one or two movies that some of us must've seen that finished in one part,but the story was so good and openended that you wish for a follow-up.
Which ones are those?Let us know them.They will be few,but tell us names.
I have not seen one yet, infact many films that have a sequel, waste a lot of time. There is one movie(very old) called Ogun Laye, this film had a sequel Ore Niwon and this film is very interesting.


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mealone said:
in agbeke, i wanted to see the main actress have a better life considering the way life dealt with her.
She did have a better life, didn't she? She got reunited with her long-lost daughter who was living a comfortable life.
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