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Yoruba Proverbs: owe Kanti Kanti

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Oya,after all those thousands of yoruba movies y'all have seen,let's see if you have all learnt some owe awon agba ati omode,ofcourse! ;)
One per post.
I start:
L' owe,l' owe,la'n lu ilu agidigbo.


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Some funky translation to juice it up plzzzzzzzzz

Won ni elefo o, oni ''efo mi ki nse taatan o''

Someone calls out........Veg seller, (Veg seller replies)wotsup, my veg ain't from refuse dump o. :p


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another one

a nbga adiye re lowo iku.. oni a je ki oun lo jeun ni.

we are saving the fool from death.. he says we dont want him to live!!!
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