You Can’t Cage Us —Olasco Films Boss

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Q: Were you informed before the actors/actresses embarked on their current holiday?
A: No, marketers were not informed.

Q: What’s your view about the compulsory holiday?
A: I believe that they are making efforts to sanitise the movie industry as well as regulate films in the market. But they ought to have informed the marketers before embarking on it.

Q: Is the holiday not affecting your business?
A: No. There’s no way it can affect us since our business is usually on contract basis. When a producer brings a script, we deliberate on it and then I’ll tell him to bring the estimate, which I’ll give out after matters have been concluded.

Q: Do you have enough films to sell even if they don’t call off the holiday after one year?
A: Even if they don’t call it off in the next 18 months, we are not bothered.

Q: Are you one of the marketers that allegedly gave out money for quick productions when it was announced that the ANTP will go on break?
A: Yes and it was because some producers came to us and since we are investors, we had no choice than to invest in the productions.

Q: Is it true that some of you pay as low as N250,000 to produce a film?
A: That’s a lie. The least I give a producer to shoot a film, without royalties, is N800,000. I give others over N1 million to shoot a film without royalty.

Q: What strategies do you adopt in selling your films?
A: I do my things in my own way. I sell the films through my distribution network and advertisement, among other things.

Q: How much do you pay to print jackets?
A: On royalty contract, we buy CD right and pay them N20 each for VHS, while we also buy DVDs for N20.

Q: Do you subscribe to the notion that there are still low quality films in the market?
A: It is true. There are still low quality films in the market. But I don’t sell them.

Q: Do you think going on holiday is the best measure to sanitise the industry?
A: If they are not biased about it and strive to achieve the purpose of going on holiday, I think it is one of the best measures.

Q: Do you believe the holiday is directed at you marketers?
A: We know they are only trying to cage the marketers, but it is not possible. They can’t cage us because we are the real investors in the industry. As a marketer, you can find an intelligent person, who can write a very good story for you and then sponsor the project successfully.

Q: How much do you spend in producing a film?
A: I spend nothing less than N4 million on a film.

Q: But it was alleged that some of you pay peanuts to producers?
A: That’s a lie. We go into contract before going on location and I have never breached any contract.
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