Your friend dating your sister

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Poison said:
Okay, why did you get defensive all of a sudden? Poison must have stroked a nerve or two. In fact with your defense, i doubt if i'd want to date you sef cos your case be like elefo case. I'm sure you can finish that elefo saying
Anyone giving you a counter-argument is touted as defensive. I have other things to do today kid.


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Sola said:
Would you allow it? Guys just generally hate it when a close friend starts looking at their sister funny, but they go about peeling other people's sisters.

Think about it... This is a guy you hang out with all the time. You've heard him making fun of girls and boasting of his conquests. And now he starts eyeing your sister... :eek:
I will not allow it but if ma sister loves the guy..then what the heck...i will just tell her all i know abt the guy and wish her best of luck with much as possible, i will try to keep ma friendship with the guy and ma love for ma sister too...basically. i dont see what wrong in ma friend dating ma sister....


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I know guys don't like their friends dating their sister(s) either 'cos since they're all friends they know what each other is capable of doing and they don't want their friends to mess their sister around. I don't have a big brother so I don't know how it is.


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I am a guy i do not have problem with my friend dating my sister, i even prefere it because i know him well enough, and my good friend even got married to my twin sister and i arranged the relationship then, and they have spent about 12 years together, and i am happy about it.alyhough it's not alll friends you want around your sister, but there are some serious ones, so you just cannot say no, and the more you say no, the more she want him so what the hell you have to accept it anyway.


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Well, the next work I'm working on is about a guy that caught his older friend with his mum. Thats just what I can say about it. Its going to be a thriller. Still wondering if I should deliver it in English or Yoruba.


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That wouldn't rub me the right way...ewww

On a serious note, if they are in love, it's all good but if they are in lust...I will get my machette out of retirement.


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It depends! My friend can date my sister provided the girl likes him. Wetin be my own? I care less about who dates who. Their lives belong to them, they can live it anyhow they choose to.

No qualms at all if my sister is used and dumped. She could suffer similar fate at the hands of another man.


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can u let your friend date your sister?

Can u allow your close friend who has eyes for your sister to date her? As for me, i dont think i can...i just dont think so, if its someone else i dont know, i dont mind but my close friend,i dont think so.


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I really don't care....ermmmm,don't get me wrong oo as I do care a great deal about my siblings,but if they find themselves attracted to each other,hey..who am I to stop them. Can only live my life and never hers or his!!.
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