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#1 regards to being the ideal mate for the opposite U know what they are?I'm running a poll...smokin:


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For me, she must be:

- able to cook,
- able to clean,
- able to "pon omo" - put baby on back
- able to pound yam
- able to use "igbale" - house broom
- able to take care of your "needs" :bouncy
- must be no younger than 25
- must have ila(marks) on her face :1087:
-must know how to "paako" - chewing stick.....

Must be a family man
Must be great in bed
Must be funny or at least have some sort of sense of humour
Must be employed or at least trying to get a job
Doesnt need to have cooking skills but must lay a helping hand sometimes
Must not be talkative
Can not be shorter than me!


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I think PAJ means to ask what quality do YOU possess to be a good mate to the opposite sex. I don't think he's asking what you are looking for in the opposite sex. PAJ, clarify, abeg.

Are you asking:

What Qualities Do YOU (NR forum members) Have That Will Attract The Opposite Sex?


What Qualities Are You Looking For In The Opposite Sex?
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