Youtube and Nollywood!

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It is a problem but most people who watch movies on youtube don't intend to buy the movies anyway. Movies are a fast burn business. You do your business in four weeks, even in Naija.

If it's one that just came out, I see the problem but a movie that's been out for over two months, what difference does it make. The people watching it never intended to buy it. Instead, you might gain a customer. If they like it, they might buy the next movie of the actor. That's my two cents.


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Well Nollywood can tell youtube admins about it. but what can they really do about that when you have onlinenigeria and other sites that let you view full movies for free.
Youtube is small mete compared to what is going on.
The people making the money from these DVD's here in the states that we buy $10 a pop should be prosecuted first. I bought one yeye movie part 3 was like 20 minutes of bullcrap lets just say i was MAD as HELL


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Henchey said:
Multioption, are you for real?
You're kidding, right?:bouncy
What exactly are you asking about: that nollywood might be going south, or that I am not interested in nolly, holly or whatever wood is out there?


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Youtube is actually doing Nollywood a favor to gain more exposure. I finally saw some movies that were praised to high heaven on this site, thanks to youtube. Everybody wants to sue now a days!

Mutlioption my guy, can you kindly allow the marketers to tackle their own problems, please?


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I'm a culprit I guess. But I dont really do entire flicks, just snippets of TV shows etc, for people here who are interested, but cant view these local shows as they are abroad.And sometimes I do clips of my funniest moments of my fav moviessmokin:

I am against posting full length entire films on youtube, but then again, there are several websites that offer the movies free too, so.............
you tube and other rip offs

well to start with you tube we can report misuse.
the people who post these videos don't have the right and we ca report them to you tube. I agree that trailers on you tube can be very helpful but not whole movies...even if they are cut up into 10 minute chunks.

as far as onlinenigeria goes...this is a real problem!! the Lagos adress I have found for this company is:
(now I'm trying to access it but the site won't come up... anyway they are the one's who do the site with offices in USA and Lagos. on the site (if you can access it) you'll find the addresses.

It is enough to report misuse to youtube and the videos should be removed.

go nollywood!!!
here's the address of the group who has the website mentioned above: (they manage the site in the USA)

Port Harcourt, Nigeria
213 Bonny Street
First Floor
Borikiri, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Tel: 234.1.811.9778
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