Zack Orji in Uganda

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By Jude Katende

Clad in a cream cap, a black T-shirt, faded black jeans and black shoes, Nigerian movie star Zack Orji arrived at Entebbe Airport at 11:40am yesterday to a rousing welcome from members of the Nigerian community.

He will be casting and auditioning Ugandan actors in a future collaborative movie with Nigerians actors.

Local artiste Sheila nvannungi and a Nigerian girl presented Orji with a garland and bouquet of flowers respectively.

Dressed in glamourous traditional Nigerian outfits, the Nigerians, numbering about 15, led Orji to an awaiting car entourage.

Orji, a movie producer and director, said Ugandans would benefit from the movie just as much as the Nigerians.

"We don't want to talk about the African movie industry as one dominated by Nigerians. We want all Africans to be involved. Many young people have been taken off the streets and are engaged in various movie projects. Retired civil servants too have benefited. There is a lot the movies can do for your economy," Orji said.

The auditions will be held for two days at Hotel Diplomate in Muyenga.

Orji will be back in March next year with more actors and the crew ready to shoot the movie.


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Zack deserves it, the guy has worked hard over the years as an actor and i think he is one person who has played a major role in the Nigerian Movie Industry and African movie industry. I saw a few movies he made with some actors and actress from Ghana and they were not bad at all. WEB was one of the films he did that had stars from Nigeria and Ghana. It's a good idea.


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Zack is a great Man with high ambition.He has this will of promoting people and encouraging them.He really deserves it.may GOD bless him
Zack is one good and industrious actor/producer who doesnt make noice. I've watched many movies with him acting and he does it well.Very gentlemanly. God guide and direct him.
Zack is most welcome to Uganda. We were happy that he had to come to Uganda. There are so many Nigerian movie fans in Uganda and I hope more actors from Nigeria come here so that some of our Ugandans also join the industry. We were lied to that Genevieve and the rest were coming and we waited but in vail. Atleast Zack made it this time


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nkerastella said:
I expect Miss Nnaji and the rest of the crew next. She's sure to meet Genevieveans here waiting at Entebbe Int. Airport.
do i think this is Zimmy5? with the genevivian republic thing.


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That's very good of him trying to involve as many African countries in the movie industry as possible. More elbow grease to his efforts.


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i've always loved Zach. more grease to his elbows. Wouldn't it be lovely if we as Africans could unite to do a really good movie. If this happens, there a few ppl im sure will be part of arranging it.
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