Zeb Ejiro Don Charge!!!!

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SIR: It has come to the notice of the Federation of Intellectual Property Owners (FIPO) that Nigeria Breweries Plc, headed by Chief Festus Odumegwu, has proceeded to use the instrument of state coercion to silence, oppress, harass and intimidate the creative industry in Nigeria, hence the detention, on December 10, of Charles Oputa, aka, Charly Boy (PMAN President) at the Force Headquarters, Abuja.

We are conscious of the fact that the Federal Government of Nigeria has since adopted a most profound economic policy targeted at enhancing the local alternative; this most laudable policy has seen to the prohibition of foreign beverages thus creating greater portfolio for local companies like the NB Plc. One wonders why the same local company would rather than encourage the local alternative choose to impoverish, kill and enslave Nigerian artists.

Why would NB Plc pay JA Rule the sum of $850,000 (N112m) and Kevin Lyttle, $750,000 (N100m), and refuse to pay a paltry N4 million, less than $30,000 performance levy to PMAN?

Why would NB Plc pay a whooping $1,600,000 to the two foreign artistes, but would rather pay 10 Nigerian artistes billed for the same Star Mega Jam show less than N10 million, being the equivalent of a meagre $60,000?

We state that the Federation of Intellectual Property Owners (FIPO) is set for mass suicide, as well shall frustrate, stop and stall the Star mega jam show billed for December 16 and 17, 2005. We shall not fold our hands and watch NB Plc and the likes destroy the entire creative industry. This fight is a battle for all, not PMAN's MCSN's or Charly Boy's.

It is a battle for the protection of the Nigerian creative industry, therefore we ask NB Plc to come over with millions of coffins because the entire Nigerian creative community is poised to frustrate the Star mega jam show.

We totally applaud the great policy thrust of President Obasanjo in enhancing the local alternative.

We salute the position and intervention of the American Embassy for appreciating our struggle.

We must not fail to emphasise our commitment to ensuring that except Charly Boy is released, and NB Plc complies with the said performance levy due to PMAN and the copyright licence due to MCSN, the creative community shall not only frustrate the Star mega jam show, but shall massively mobilise and employ societal goodwill into compelling collective boycott of products of NB Plc.

This is a massive showdown targeted at the creative industry in Nigeria.

NB Plc must be prepared to kill all of us directly or through its proxy - the Nigeria police. We are ready to die, even for a just cause. We are ready to perish in defence of the creative industry. We are committed to a just fight.

Our greatest courtesy and advice is that the American Embassy appreciates the constraints that the recalcitrance of the NB Plc has caused and understand our resolve to defend the honour and integrity of the creative industry as well as the noble policies of the President in advancing the Nigerian project.

Zeb Ejiro, Vice President,
Matthias Obahiagbon, national co-ordinator, Federation of Intellectual Property Owners (FIPO), Lagos.



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WOAH, see we need our artistes to stand up like this and make their points known, at least now if they take action it is justified bcos they were warned.
you go brother, i am starting to have hope for nigeria, its time we should all stand and fight for the good of that nation. imagine paying ja rule with his okro voice that sum of money. like they are not rich enough already without our country adding more to their wealth.


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I feel his point man but i think we nigerians should show more interest in our own artistes...its as simple as that..i mean would nigerians troop out in such a mamooth congregation to a show that features only nigerian artistes but when they hear that Usher or jarule is coming the crowd becomes something else and then everyone is willing to pay any amount..this is economics o...the higher the demand...the higher the supply..i wish our artisites too would get paid so much but lets do it ourselves, no one would do it 4 us.
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