Is she one of the invaders? Do they have more invaders like her? Very beautiful.
Kolinzo,i suspect she's very much on the radar of the marketers,'cos she is arguably the most talented of them "invaders".
And she's got the best pair of legs you'll ever see on an african actress.Me love them invaders,as a matter of fact,bring em on!
Gba be o Sir Vince. Maybe I might watch Nollywood movies again with these invaders from the west.
I can clearly see its only a picture. It is a gorgeous pic!!
I just couldn't believe you both decided to continue the "invasion" thread here! A bit childish...but carry on, whatever rocks your boats!
she's indeed beautiful. Her most recent movie is to love and to cherish or something like that featuring genny and chidi mokeme
@Vince: You get time for ya hand o bro. If na di artery wey go burst make hin which one concern Agbero with overload!

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