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Bro,i no just like the sight of blood ni,o jare.:teeth:
The guy just take life way too seriously.Na waya.
Chei! I laugh die!! "...na which one concern Agbero with overload?" Ol'boy na you suppose know! That's why for dis your life you no fit even venture talk to me directly! Levels dey abeg, just tanda for ya own level!

Lol! NR! Always full of suprises! This yeye one too get mouth...hehehehe
@Vince: You are too kind! Leave the maga make the artery burst, na akuroh water we go take wash the floor clean! Yeye dey smell...mschew!!
Abeg, who be dis razzoid? "Alaye in training"!! No be ya fault! We dey internet dey exchange smilie abi! Dem no born you well to refer to me directly! Try am na, make thunder comot all the teeth wey dey dat ya stinky mouth! Yeye bushmeat!!
And so the discussion moves away from Yvonne Nelson's beautiful pic, to God knows what.
@Meddeen250: I can understand why u r concerned. It's good to be humorous but that cockroach won't get it because...he's a cockroach!
And the little insignificant vagabond still can't speak to me directly!!!
You dare not! You CAN'T and you WON'T! Why? Because you know what level you belong to! Sit there AND remain there fool!!
Me and una go fight small o. I no dey like enta when una begin all dis una tribalism yawa o, but e no go work for dis gallery o. Na beg I beg o...

You guys are adults now. Can't you disagree peacefully? It isn't like anyone of us can fix the issues in Nollywood abeg.
Sola, abeg drop ya bow and arrow...e never reach dat level..lol :p

Seriously though,I do agree with you! There is simply no reason to tussle over here! I just found it really silly that Vince and his little apprentice would bring the convo from the discussion section down here! The topic has already been discussed thoroughly in its respective thread, they've spilled their guts there, why now carry it down to the photo gallery??
@Sola: You best believe nobody will ruin my gentleman reputation, not even that one! I only posted something that has to do with "invaders" which was supposed to be a joke/humor -and vince got the joke btw- but as we have witnessed, nerves have been touched at the mention of the word "invaders" like it'd touch a dog whose biscuit was just taken away from him. As a veteran on this site I'm supposed to lead by an example, as you can see, I can't even recognize who has been barking -a moderator cha

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