Is this for real. Looks like a blackboard. Concept is nice but did it have to have be loud and it looks some tube and tire parts. Wish we could see the back
Lol!The jacket is deadly.Wetin come make im cheeks puffy like puffpuff,so?
The actor is not that present anymore in nomvies,nowadays.I wonder why.
I can't really say GQ but you can tell that he has a sense of style and will take risks. HOT HOT HOT
That´s the same jacket he wears for the 30 days premiere.
So someone must have told him that that thing looks good hmmm...
That jacket makes me sea sick.

Chidi Mokeme, havent seen yopu in any movies lately, wetin dey happen nah?
ehmmm debbie what makes him look austrian? Please educate me....

Anyways...funnily wise I do like the jacket.
Me likes this..

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