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The lady first from right is beautiful in an ugly, but gorgeous way. Kind of like bitter sweet, if you know what I mean?! It's kind of difficult to explain.
That is Ruth benamasia that you are yabbing!! One of the greatest News Casters in Nigeria!!!

This website people sef no sabi give credit to veterans in the industry!!

is it that some of you are too young to know them or you did not grow up in Nigeria, and only started paying attention to Nigeria entertainment industry vis generation-genevieve?
so now cos she is a veteran, he NEEDS to find her attractive ??

That's ridiculous!!
ssergit....no mind that yeye FM. Too much vajayjays has started turning him into something else. Thanks to few legends like Ruth...people like us can still still read and write in 'proper plain english', unlike the rubbish we dey hear and watch on naija tv today.
Thank you my dear Simisola, I dont think FieldM was very polite about his commnet, so, I am assuming he never saw her a news caster back in teh day, she is NOT ugly, just aged now I would concede.
Damn, my english teachers back then made us listen to NTA 9pm News to improve on our ENglish! And Ruth was one of the best! I remember Frank Olizze too....(whatever happened to him?)
who is the lady beside patrick , she is pretty. Ruth is looking good for her age
@ ssergit, and Simisola:
I remember Bimbo Roberts, Julie Coker, Sienne Allwell-Brown and others, but she doesn't ring a bell. If you paid attention you would have noticed that I was complimenting her. There was no pun intended when I wrote my comments. Btw, her being a veteran newscaster doesn't qualify her as being beautiful.

@ ssergit, When I began watching and participating in NTA programs, I seriously doubt your parents even envisioned they were going to be a couple.

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