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Eucharia Anunobi on the set of Abuja Connection.

Eucharia Anunobi on the set of Abuja Connection.

Eucharia Anunobi on the set of Abuja Connection.
This is what I call action lady she's also among my favorite and I luv all her films, only that she's getting too fat I wish these Nigeria actors and actress will learn to watch their weight, they should look at Julia Roberts,Sharon Stone and many more international actress who are making enough money that will feed a whole state in Nigeria they still keep shape. Getting fat is what most Nigerians see as a way of living good, especially in the movie industry.
damn! ur all dressed up like those crazy jamo ladies, still ur lookin u, i guess its all gravy anywaze we luv ur image and ur acting .
She is one of my best actresses, Eucharia is so good. Her looks adds more to her roles. Abuja Connection, Disaster, identity and a lot others. Has she got a twin sister? I remember in one of her movies, she had a twin sister who was a prostitute and she was a christian. I have forgotten the title but i was wondering whether she played a double role in the movie or she has a twin sister.
She is one of my fav. Very beautiful, talented, and she has class too. She used to be small. Check her out in Glamour girls 2. Even though she gained weight, she is still one of the best.
Beautiful lady but, I have a big problem with the gigantic nose ring. That's not necessary at all.

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