Hostages by Tage Ogidan

Hostages by Tage Ogidan

It is a scene from Tade Ogidan's Hostages. He used 200 real policemen with real guns, 2 police helicopters, a boat, a plane and all sorts of things.
These are what we should be seeing in the nigerian movie. more and more everyday if we say we are growing.
hmm since i have been washing a movie from Tade Ogidan always drive me crazy and if i can say from his work so far is the best Director in nigeria movie industry, because it take all risk to make a job perfect done.
The fella really went to the extremes. Boats, guns, 200 real My only problem with the pic is the cops need to space out a bit more, in real life you wouldn't get that close to each other especially when you are pointing your guns at a ruthless criminal ( I assume, since I didn't watch the movie)that's just my $0.02

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