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In movie Forsakeen

In movie Forsakeen

In movie Forsakeen
Temmy...of all pics in d world, why her na? U should know by now say most of us no dey feel her here. Pls i beg u in d name of Sango, remove dat pic. She's a disgrace and ugly. (n)
Damn! Damn!! Damn!!! Isn't it interesting that the same people who pulls claws in a flash and calls you hater when you say someone isn't 'quite' are the same who starkly call others ugly?

Simi, what is your definition of ugly exactly? I am interested to know.

Phina, you have a banging body and full lips the western world are dying on the surgeons table for! You are a beauty! You rawk!!!

Temmy, please load more pics!
lovely lips.....can almost hear them whisper.."Pappy.....tsk tsk......come hither Pappy"...:):)
Simi, wetin you talk, that woman is georgeous!!! Talk about distinct Black African features. I love her features. Everything works well together. those Runway models are paying big bucks to look like this. How much did Jolie pay for her lips???
Kaymax, u'd better not be fooled by d foto shop u're seeing here o. Believe me,she's so ugly. Sebi, na Ldn here she's based and she's featured in a drama and one or two reality shows here. She's doesn't have manners, kobo. Even my mama no like her at all. And trust my mummy, she go tell it how it is.
For your sake, I hope you were referring to her manners as ugly and not her physical features otherwise I would have asked you this question: Do you think you're physically better looking that Phina?

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