Jim Iyke in Vuga

Jim Iyke in Vuga

Jim Iyke in Vuga
Why does dis guy always play a ganster? i remeber him he was in the film Elastic Limit with Liz Benson
i love Jim alot. whoever says he makes noise, then i guess that person do not enjoy nigeian movies.

I love you Jim i love you so much. :wink:
if what i read about you is true , that fans were admiring you on one location and you said if you touch my car i smash you ,that is too bad . how will you feel if you go on the street and nobody admires you as an actor . i remember when i was back home i saw in Benin City ,nobody admired you i remember how disappointed you look that same day.please try and change that behaviour it is not the best .
all of una wey dey drool, this guy is absolute crap. he can't even spell his name right. His acting stinks and he has an attitude compared to the likes of j-lo.
lady_vexy , what part of UK u dey stay, isle of noblackshire
This guy is what I call a born actor, he's good at what he does and I really like him alot....so keep it real BROTHER!!!

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