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larry morgan briggs and bob manuel udokwu

larry morgan briggs and bob manuel udokwu

larry morgan briggs and bob manuel udokwu
nne84 you can ask question o. Ha ha can't you see they are fighting romantic fight. Bob belly is really getting much bigger o. They're enjoying in nollywood since all of them have started growing big bellies.
If una ask me e be like say na one kin new "secret" style wey man de take luv man. u no see as they de hold each other tight and take style they rub belle and everthing down there together while they're frowning their faces so that in case anyone catches them it won't look suspicious
They probably bite each other tongue too, oga oo. I wouldnt mind playing smooching with another guy on screen for my money but dont put me on still. That not my type of kodak moment.

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