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Mercy Johnson at the Best of Nollywood Awards 2009

Mercy Johnson at the Best of Nollywood Awards 2009

Mercy Johnson at the Best of Nollywood Awards 2009
elisa why is she dirty looking. Can you please explain what that means.
What I mean is her skin is always archy. For a dark skin girl, she doesn't need any fancy cream, all she needs is a loafer sponge, and vasiline gelly/lotion mixed together, an exfolliating sugar scrub. If she wants to go fancy, elizabeth arden's green tea skin cleanser, toner and moisteurizer would do . Just saying.
@ elisawwf007, .............but she is already using NKU cream and petroleum jelly that's why she doesn't have bleached skin. Abi, u dey suggest she use TURA and VENUS De Milo?
Haha, FM. Nku cream is the local skin champion. Go palm kernel cream!
Mercy's skin really improved a lot......i'm begining to really like her.Pls guys dont talk abt her in such a nasty manner!!!!!!!she deserves some respect too,not as a celeb but as a humanbeing with feelings.
Me i'm sha looking forward to the day when I'll see mercy with absolutely no cleavage showing, but still looking stunning...
she looks nice on this pic...although she could have covered her boobs more.

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