My One and Only Love

My One and Only Love

My One and Only Love
I still like her wether she has add some weight or not. Her acting will not be affected by that. Infact she has just put on a few kilos and nothing much, guys you must give the lady a break, she seems o.k to me and with 4 kids looking like that, you must give her some credit.
Y'all need to stop hatin' Omotola sexy looks darn good...weight or no weight. I see we Nigerians are becoming too westernized with that fixated "magazine" ideology of being a bag of bones...Omotola got skills and might I add a beauty. I am pretty sure some of you that are hatin' on her barely look half as good as she does... Omotola, you go girl! I am a huge fan of your work - stay blessed..
One of my favorites!
Guys don't worry, the weight will come off. Give her time.
Go baby,
Omotola is my favorite actress. Forget about the weight and face reality. She is a woman 95% of men wants to be with. I appreciate your beauty Omotola. Go Motola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow!! 4 kids...and she's that pretty?? i think God was showing off when He was making Omotola. She is SOOOOO pretty!!

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