Ngoli Onyeka Okafor

Ngoli Onyeka Okafor

Ngoli Onyeka Okafor, Nigerian born in the US to Igbo parents. He has featured prominently as a model in magazines like Vogue, Vibe, The source, ESPN magazine, Fortune magazine, Honey, W, among others. He has also acted on TV in popular shows like Sex and the City, All my children and Guiding Light.
In America, Looks to a young black actor is the passport to the industry. You must have "The Look" to pass. Then, you got to be loaded with talent. Ugo has the look. Adewale has the Look...Isaac de Bankole has the look. Lets check out Ugo's talent.
@abulu2000, I agree, Ugo got a nice body, sex sells these days...let's see what the fella can do. As long as Ugo is not a "Milli-Vanilli", it's all good. Is he an actor or a model?? He can pass for both....
The body dey killy,his parents should be proud of him.If you put him and Baby G to act i swear she will wet her panties cos this wan pas Ramsey and Emeka Ike body built.
Na wa o. I sprinkle the blood of jesus for this bobo body. Blood of jesus, Blood of jesus, Temptation is on the way!!!!!!!!! Salivating.

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