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Pretty girls in the family

Pretty girls in the family

Oya, make all of una wey dey find wife begin line up here now! Na me go charge gate fee o! $1000 per person you wan see! :)
$1000 too much, why you no say $10? Fine gals, videscope i see, where si bluestockings in this pics?
@Thressa na Bluestocking be that in Red gele
@bluestocking is that your sister in brown gele? you guys kind of look alike
Overall nice pic.
To all the single men in da house tha are looking for lepas! here's a chance to pick your choice.
Ngwanu....good lookin' ladies.....God don bless all of una w/ correct genes too, no single fat person in da pic.
@solatoks dat's not me in red gele. i'm there somewhere, can't you tell which one is me? the rest are my all my sisters.

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