Ramsey Nouah.

Ramsey Nouah.

Ramsey Nouah.
Ok whats d 411 on RAMSEY NOUAH. Is he available cos I am:p No seriously, he's fine, I dont care if he's old, he's fine
Fine bobo , whatz up , my Jamaica friend here is going crazy for you after watching your movies . Trust me you guys are really doing good .I am really proud of you guys here .
RAMSEY NOUAH IS HANDSOME I AGREE BUT THERE ARE ALSO ANY OTHER NIGERIAN ACTORS THAT ARE FINE. Ramsey is so admired by west africans because he has the looks of what is considered to be good looking from a conventional european perspective
I like some of his films but why does he play too much of love and romance movies. He is a great actor and sometimes I always wonder if he is a full Nigar man or halfcaste. His english is very good though sometimes I percieve him to be very arrogant and proud.
Hi guys,Ramsey is e very good actor,and nothing to say about him,just forget about his being proud,if he is not,who else will,afterall,it is not easy to become a star,and morever,it is his money that talks,infact,i am also proud at least,if Nigeria can have such person as the most handsome actor infact in the world.

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