Regina Askia in Dangerous Game

Regina Askia in Dangerous Game

Regina Askia in Dangerous Game
Vince wat do u mean she's back? I know she aint making the kind money she expected in NY right???? Yankee una go dry our ass ooooo
@zgirl,home is where the action is.She has just realised that.Where else would she be a film star except in naija.
@alphabrima.Seems like you know her personally,judging by your comments.
She has this uncanny ability of landing in absolutely awful movies!Just seen her in that crapheap called HIGHWAY TO THE GRAVE.
Abeg,make she try choose her movies with more care.
Well I seem to like her because she is pretty and her acting is very good be it in bad roles or good ones. But I would like to see her more in good family movies. I hear also she has two daughters and is she back from NY?

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