Sadiq Daba and Olu Jacobs.

Sadiq Daba and Olu Jacobs.

Sadiq Daba and Olu Jacobs.
Uncle Olu, Your accent drives me mad. I like your voice like crazy...I am talking remembring IJELE.."Is it not truuueeeeee...." in fact You roar like thunder
Olu Jacob has the most powerful voice on TV. He is just amazing. His voice makes him sexy, even though he is older.
is that not beatrice of cock rool at door i am not sure of how they call it cus i saw his soap opera when i was
Dymsegirl, he is Bitrus in the very popular soap of the 80's, Cockrow at Dawn; his real name though is Sadiq Daba. He co-presents Morning Ride on NTA 10 back in Naija currently.
Uncle olu na legend for that nigeria I never see the person wey better pass am abeg lets give it to him he is a legend!
hmm all r talking about olu jacob. did anyone of u recongnize the guy next to him, hmm.... well i like to refresh the lost memories. "THE COCK CROW AT DAWN" earliest soap operas...i mean the best ever to b produced back in the days... thou i was young i but i can't forget how my parents where eager to watch it every week... was a good show, back in the early 80's. cant remember the name of his character.., uncle gaga, bello, binta etc. too bad he doesnt look too good in this pix.
YES that is Bitrus in Cock Crow at Dawn an exceptional actor of his time along side Ene Oloja Forgotten the name of his Father in the play. But have not being seeing him in any home movies. i had noticed most of the veteran actors from the Tv series ( especially those based in Jos are not in the home movies eg Tijani Coles just to mention a few why is it so ?

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