Saint Obi in Executive Crime

Saint Obi in Executive Crime

Saint Obi in Executive Crime
Boy your movie TAKE ME TO MAMMA was just too much . i really love the movie .Is that guy your real brother because he look so much like you
Was this from a movie clip? The plastic firearm kind of betrays that ;) Good guy, nonethe less.
Amazingly a good actor and good looks. You're one of my favourite male actors. I hope you're not pompous as cassandra is saying. You're a saint so you should know that humility takes one very far.All the best.
Saint Obi is an actor with class.He 's disciplined and ensures that he brings the best out of any character he potrays.I give him props for movies like Heart of Gold, State of Emergency and of course Take Me to Maama.
Keep up the good work.
when u are suppose to really comment,we do not.In Nigeria, we do not have the facilities for action movies yet,and besides, to be acting like a kickboxer, u should know more about kickboxing, from his 'action' films,it shows clearly that he knows nothing about kickboxing.He would do better in very cool bad guy turns goods because of a girl, i think that role would fit him amongst other roles i can picture him in.
Good handsome guy.
Man the barrel of a 9MM doesnot look so big abi have u ever been to sierra leone r liberia u should have had de opportunity to use a gun like me
any way:one love straight balling
u should be ballin in dem movies man not shooting gun
u look like a nice guy

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