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Supermodel Oluchi Onweagba, the former Face of Africa.

Supermodel Oluchi Onweagba, the former Face of Africa.

Supermodel Oluchi Onweagba, the former Face of Africa.
she is a victoria secret model. big shot here in the US. soon she will a super model like Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks. I rememeber when she won the Mnet of Africa in 99.
Does she use her voice to raise awareness for the continent or even her country? Does anyone know? I really don't like it when people don't make use of their God given status or voice.....
she doesn't really say much, I guess she is still waiting for the right time, but yeah, you're right lady jay, she can do much to help her country with her status.
abeg, make una let the girl be. na she go carry the wahala of africa for her shoulders? she's a model. just how much can she do? besides, se's just getting herself known. biko, let her establish herself well well before all the africa wahala ooh. she no come world for una.
I like this girl for real. Saw an interview she gave some magazine, very down to earth. Good going chica, keep repping for Naija.

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