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The comedian in ,'OSAN D'ORU'

The comedian in ,'OSAN D'ORU'

The comedian in ,'OSAN D'ORU'
this face just made me break into a big lafter. na wa for dejo o. this pic o bosi rara. hummmmmmmmmmm. good at his dummy act though, although he could sometimes get on your nerves acting like a mumu.
When I saw Ogoji Ojo (40 days), Dejo was hilarious tears couldn't stop rollin from my eyes. A funny dude!
@kolinzo- u're soo right about that. especially when he was about to go into the house and he started reciting psalms 23
ROTFLMAO...Vince, abeg no kill me jare. But seriously, has the guy ever acted any other role than this retard character he's been tagged too?
his stereotypical role has seriously affected his speech in real life.i watched a movie where he didn't have to have stupid and he found it difficult talking normally

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