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The Future Awards 2011 Young Person of the Year

The Future Awards 2011 Young Person of the Year

The Future Awards 2011 Young Person of the Year
But the nails are green BBfly and the jumpsuit blue

Is that still tacky cos it looks alike ??

*not looking for a fight, seriously asking*
Naah! blue dress and blue eye lashes/shardow whatever dem dey call no good.
@MKgirl - there was no need for the disclaimer, i don't think i go about looking for a fight, i don't push unless someone pushes me first:)

the nails are not green, they are a teal blue. it is tacky to paint one's nails to match a jewel tone outfit, that color is appropriate for fun, everyday wear or a beach vacation but absolute inappropriate for an award show/gala, in my opinion. she could have done much much better with a neutral color or the standard red. it is only in recent times that
I agree BB. The nails must go, very tacky. I guess she's experimenting with colors, good try.
the only thing genny did wrong here is match her eyeshadow to her clothing color. the nails aint an issue herre.

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