TK behind the camera.

TK behind the camera.

TK behind the camera.
Aah!Now that looks like the Sony camcorder type DSR500WSP or 300P.AGOGO EEWO was shot on DVCAM video format then.Great stuff!!
TK uses that now. It used to be the Super VHS Pro that he used for Ti Oluwa N'ile and Koseegbe. But, you know it is not the equipment at times. It is the person behind the equipment.

Being a professional Cinematographer, TK knows how to use lights to achieve the precise visual look he wants and that is why his movies always look so good. And he is NEVER in a hurry on set.

I had an interview with him in Lagos 2 weeks ago. I will be publishing it shortly. Trying to get the RMD one out first.
The equipment matters as well,you know.But like u said,it is the combination of the hardware and the user that determines the end result.I'd like to see nigerian top filmmakers go higher than the DV format sha.But this is a very good beginning.
Only a master will use a great camera like that.No cheapo!He'S a real pro!
The camera doesn't always matter it's the skill of the cinematographer, lighthing and posting etc. The dude who made One made it on a Sony VX1000 and it looks hot.
It's a combination of both.Put a great camera in the hands of a good DOP and you get great images.
Great man on loction trying to make things possible the way he want that's my man TK

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