Tonia in town

Tonia in town

Tonia in town
Eee ya mean relatives!They knew she was coming. Tonia called and talked to them on the phone a day before and they promised to pick her at the airport. She got to the airport there was no one, and now that she has managed to find her way to the house she is locked out. They did not even leave the key for her to let hereself in out of the cold. She had almost frozen by the time anyone could help her. Finally Bimbo took her to go see Dr. Priye. ooh Tonia, what an experience! Mean relatives in Amer
duhhhhhhh if she was locked out, where else can she possibly be? It has to be somewhere outside (the house that she's locked out from)
I swear danriska, danborouba for those people that locked her out. Anyways babe that is what America does to one, ya gast to suffer before ya enjoy the dutches. Life is hard ainit? Eyaa poor girl luggage and all hen. no be her towel she take cover leg so. Kai Kai Kai.

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