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Yemi Sholade (extreme left) and Wale Elesho (center)

Yemi Sholade (extreme left) and Wale Elesho (center)

Yemi Sholade (extreme left) and Wale Elesho (center) in Iyawo Alhaji 2.
Adewale Elesho remains one of the few naturally, extremely funny acts in the Yoruba movie genre. His jokes flow naturally and effortlessly too. The Yoruba native speaker and any 'naturalises Yoruba' would appreciate what I just described here better. Excellent actor.
he's such a funny guy I love iyawo alhaji and a lot more other films that he's starred in. He's also got his own film production. I saw him during xmas 2003 around Ikeja area with a couple of people in his bus which his got his production name printed on

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