5 All-Time popular Nigerian movies


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NOT how Good they are. Not How well they sold. It doesn't matter if you've seen it or not.

I need just what you consider the 5 Most POPULAR Nigerian movies ever.

Maybe you've just heard people talk about it so much, you're fed up.

5 only, no more. If you can't think of 5, just list the titles you can think of.

Popularity, that's all.

Let's see if we can prune down to a master list at the end of the thread.



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Living in Bondage, All My Life, Behind Closed Doors, Osuofia in London, Mama G - forgot the correct title.


Na today!
~Living in Bondage
~One Dollar
~That movie where Osuofia kinda got his big break with Kenneth Okonkwo and his lady singing every chance they got; forgot the name