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5 All-Time popular Nigerian movies


I no get ya time!!
If i were 2 pick 5 more I wld go 4
glamour girls
aki n ukwa
sisters on the run(i hope tht's the title. Never really seen it but i've hear abt it).
games women play

Onome is a great flick, and deserves to be one of the "All-time" greats! :grinning:


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keeping faith
glamour girls

These collections will always be best selling movies, I tell you! Even though up till now I have never watched Rattlesnake but I know how a lot of people have been talking about it. It is still in great demand...


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Americans, Jamaicans, Sierra Leoniana, Kenyans and so on and so forth that I know have watched the following movies

1) Osofia in London(everybody and their mama)
2) One Dollar
3) Ukwa
4) Aki and PawPaw
5) Don't know........


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Reminder...Not necessarily movies you like or have seen. More like 5 movies you hear everyone talking about ALL THE TIME, movies every household owns a copy of, movies nearly everyone has seen...POPULAR, not your likes.


My thoughts exactly...but shey you know your people no dey follow rules:spin2: ...ask Sidney


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Rattlesnake - neva seen it
Sakobi the snake girl - St Obi and Susan Patrick
Critical Decision - Genny and RMD
Dangerous Twins - Doesn't rock my rocker tho'
Private Sin - RMD, genny and stephanie ok
Glamour girls