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Ada Mbano Reloaded - Trailer

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Lol. Was there a 'first' one 'Adambano Loaded'??

Good morning VB. Happy New Year. May God's grace, favor and mercy be with you through 2014 and beyond. :)

Now to your question...yes there is an Ada Mbano part one. It is marketed as Ada Mbano in Naija. However on Irokotv, it is titled Adaure (ht tp://irokotv.com/video/5034/adaure).

Queen Nwokoye (who is from Anambra state and grew up in Enugu) really impressed me with her delivery of the Mbano dialect.

VB, maybe you already know this.... seems there is a resurgence of Igbo movies. I say, it's about time. Quite a number of Igbo movies were released in 2012 and 2013.

I am looking forward to watching the following movies that were released around Christmas time in Nigeria:

1. Ada Mbano - Reloaded
2. Olanma (sequel - Ola Adaeze)
3. Nwa Abakeleke - na so dey spell am for the poster I saw on Facebook (Sequel - Ada Abakeleke_
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Hi Chinny, a Very Happy New Year to you & yours too. Thank you very much for all the info you posted; well appreciated. Yes I've noticed this new wave of Igbo films. I've not seen many of the new ones yet but def hope to. ;)


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I have Ada Mbano :laugh: and it was funny. Queen did quite well. She begins and ends every sentence with "otuocha" :roll
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