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ADIFF 2012: Reflections On 'Doctor Bello' & Nollywood Cinema

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By Tambay Obenson

Interesting excerpt:

"I reached the realization that the film, like other Nollywood movies, will probably be received very differently by fans of Nollywood cinema, and those who aren't familiar enough with Nollywood cinema, and were raised on, and thus have become used to, we could say, a Western brand cinema.

This *separation* was made evident, in chatting with different audience members who attended the premiere, and/or eavesdropping on conversations after the screening; In short, Nollywood cinema fans loved it; while the others didn't.

I even recall one of the American actors who was present for the screening, commenting about learning how to act for a Nollywood audience, versus an American audience - something that I'd actually never even given any thought to, but after he made the remark, it registered with me.

The actor added that the director, Abulu, wanted him to, essentially, tweak his performance for a Nollywood audience; the suggestion therefore would then be that this is a film that was made for a Nigerian audience, first and foremost. It's not clear whether the other actors were given similar directions, but the overall impression I got was that the intent with this film (and maybe we could say this new movement in Nollywood cinema that's being spearheaded by a handful of Nigerian directors), is not to necessarily change what Nollywood cinema is in order to suit international audiences, but rather to acclamate international audiences to what Nollywood cinema is - in terms of it's style and structure especially."

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I'm racking my brain trying to figure out whadaheck this guy's trying to say about this movie. Personally, I thought THIS IS IT! This is what Nollywood has been waiting for for over 20 years. Thanks, Genny....for yet another OSCAR award caliber performance. We really appreciate you.
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