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All Cooks..come in

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Ok me I am tired of cooking rice and beans every weekend. I need some new ideas abeg. Help.

Please share your favorite dish recipies. Make you include all the ingredients oh. It does not need to only be Nigerian recipies, anything will do.

Also I need to learn all the correct Igbo soups out there. The only soup wey I sabi small na OHA soup. Men that ogirishi dey smell sha..lol( those wey sabi this soup go know wetin I dey talk about)

Ok, Let the session begin...... :imp


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Chacha said:
Egwusi soup nko?

if u r interested in it , i give u the ingredients ok.


Ok, this are the only soups I can make:


Remember say no be only soup I need help with.


there is this dish which might interest you
has no name really but i call it "soko"

are you interested?


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have u tried potatoes. bake them in the oven and make some spinach sauce with it. is healthy and nice. want to know more.. holla at ya girl


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Ladi you dey chop oha soup? are you youruba or Ibo I'm not being tribalist it's just that the first time I heard of Oha soup is from a friend of mine who's from Imo state I can't remember the LGA but that's their favorite soup.
Can you make world noodles? lol but seriously that's what it's called it's trial and error and it worked! lets know if you're interested


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hw abt Afang soup or Edikaikong soup[dis strictly efik/ibibio dishes].thy can mk u 4get ur surname :p this'' wat usually take men 2 calabar :roll :roll :roll :p ask any calabar woman she wld tell u.

thrs anoda one...Nkwobi[cow leg].

if u wanna learn hw 2 prepare dem,,jst holla @moi.


niceone, me i want to learn how to make afang AND edikaikong soups...i went to school at FGC IKOTEKPENE and i tasted afang there for the first time, i went home demanding it.
we have this wonderful woman who cooks for my family and when i went home last year, she treated me real good...god!!! i still taste it right now.
so please, if you don't want me tracing you :) and breaking down your door for this, please, post the recipies for us all.
I know i can't waterleaf here in the states for edikaikong, but the afang soup i probably could do right?? i have plenty of okazi for that one. :D
i'll be checking this tomorrow.
thanks a gazzillion


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Cut strips of salmon, season the top half with garlic , basil,black pepper etc. then pour half a cap full of venigar and three table spoons of olive oil. Leave it forabout ten minutes. then put it on medium<low heat for about five to six minutes. You can eat this with anything, i find rice with steamed vegetables the best way.


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Yes, to ansa everybody ..I am interested in all the names you mentioned apart from the ones I said I can cook.

Please just write out the recipies. I am sure there are others who wd want to learn. Thanks a bunch.

Solatoks....I am actually igbo by marriage ;)

Buti I be urhobo wayo pickin :imp


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ok i gat an ideal, hummmm instand of boilin ur rice fry it n cook it then mix it with beef broth.



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Thick madam,hw much 'r u gonna pay for d recipes..u kno afang is a special soup :p .
oh u finished frm f.g.c I.k..wow!my broda finished frm i.k 2 and i hv alot of frnds thr.holla @y lata.
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