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good good good i am loving this recipe thingy hmm which recipe i go give sef maybe ma lime chicken.

okay here goes, this is something i came up with myself i was bored and decided to throw it together and i have been loving it ever since. and if you dont like tart no try am o cos the thing dey gbala na nti (tickles your senses)

About 5 -6 big limes
about 5-6 chicken breasts or whichever one is ready at hand
Seasoning Salt
Emerils essence
Olive oil

Blend all these ingredients together including the lime but without the back. cos what i do is i scrape the essence from the back and sprinkle on the chicken when it is done. Pokeholes in the chicken with your fork or something sharp dont poke it as if you want to kill somebody o. Marinate overnight preferably but 30 minutes to an 1 hr if you dont have that much time.
Bake at 400 till done or grill. i prefer it grilled.sha and enjoy with roasted potatoes (recipe below)

Roasted potatoes
Get new potatoes, sprinkle some olive oil salt, basil leaves put in foil and cover it up bake till done.

I know ppl will be like ah this kain recipe sef. try it and you will not be dissapointed and its so easy you cant mess it up. if you doubt me ask ma sister


sista can you give us your recipie for your fried rice and also for that baked chicken you made when you guys were here in richmond? that ya jellof wasn't bad either ;)


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missuju said:
let me just tell u the worst soup. it is bitter leave soup very nasty soup to me

Giiiirrrlllll! what?! Bitterleaf soup is da bomb...that is if prepared well, you just have to pay attention to little details like with the washing of the bitterleaf, etc.


Bitterleaf soup is the shiznit folks. With nice odo-free palm-oil, ponmo or awo sisun, and dried fish
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