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AMAA: The intrigues of filmmaking in Africa

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The intrigues of everyday life takes on new imagery and form when talented, trained and tested professionals in the movie industry recently put paid to visual art through compelling stories and real life issues. Chief Executive Officer of the Africa Film Academy (AFA), Peace Anyiam-Osigwe said the glamour and popularity of the awards have taken her by surprise.

“African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) started in 2005, and as I traveled more, I met more people and suddenly I realized that I actually did things that people talked about. AMAA is an event that has brought all filmmakers in Africa and from the Diaspora together. “ In its eighth year of rewarding outstanding film productions in Africa, the central idea of AMAA, the Africa Film Academy, AFA, set out with – which is to promote African film and cinema locally as well as internationally – has not only yielded the desired fruits, but gone further to become an established engagement platform for filmmakers, industry professionals and all creative industry stakeholders

. “With AMAA, we have an award where we recognize ourselves amongst ourselves, and there’s a stimulated competition between the African countries over who’s going to win the next one. So it makes better films for us. People actually go out of their way to make films for the AMAA awards,” she said. From the first edition of AMAA, it has been a convergence of brilliance, intellect, experience, hard-work, solidarity and so much more than cannot be quantified. Many directors, actresses/actors, producers and others in the local movie industries of countries throughout the continent have attested to the improving quality of production and increasing profitability of films and cinemas in Africa.

Within the months of October and November 2012, movie lovers were drawn to cinemas to watch highly rated cast of actors and actresses as they interpreted heart-rending and thought provoking roles of African stories and experiences in the 2012 award winning films of Adesuwa, Otelo Burning, Alero’s Symphony and Figurine.

The Sun News AMAA: The intrigues of filmmaking in Africa
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